Ekengren Family Tree

All the ancestors of Asa Ekengren. Green links on the right lead to all my research articles. Neal Ekengren 2018.

Ekengren Family History (Sweden 1698-present)
Brady Family History (West Virginia 1750-present)
Burns Family History (Kentucky 1820-present)
Wiltsie Family History (Denmark 1623-present)
Randall Family History (Britain 1571-present)
Butts and Hoppin Family History (Britain 1500's-present)
Lamb Family History (North Carolina 1808-present)
Carr Family History (Britain 1592-present)
Baker Family History (England/Wales 1325-present)
Bibby Family History (New Jersey 1800-present)
Stallcop Family History (Sweden 1629-present)
Shenton Family History (Britain 1785-present)
Pollei Family History (Prussia 1848-present)
Knack and Steimel Family History (Baden/Hesse 1700's-present)

I am a direct descendent of these people...........

Sir John "Bloody" Baker, MP - 14th century.
Under-Sheriff of London, Chancellor of the Exchequer [Treaury Cabinet] for Henry VIII and Queen Mary. Sir John. He was an in-law of Queen Anne Boleyn. He had Catholic sympathies during the troubles between Protestants and Catholics in England and aquires the acronym "Bloody Baker" for his role in the persecution of reformers. Along with his gruesome title, he was believed by some townsfolk to be a vampire. At his death his estate was enormous. In various parts of Kent and Sussex he held over forty manors and a fortune in addition, which was not completely exhausted two hundred years later despite constant subdivision of the estate and the extravagance of his descendants. In 1736 a monument to him and the Baker families was erected in St Dunstan's Church at Cranbrook.

John Baker is my 13th great grandfather and a Baker family ancestor.
Lord Mayor Matthew Randall - 16th century.
Chamberlain of London, Chamberlain of Bath, Lord Mayor of London, Justice of the Peace. He is buried in Church of Sts Peter and Paul in Bath Abbey.

Matthew Randall is my 10th great grandfather and a Randall family ancestor.
King of Gwynedd, North Wales - Owain Gwynedd - 12th century
Owain the Great, Prince of Wales. Owain was born on Anglesey about 1100. He led the forces of Gwynedd against the Normans and other Welsh princes with great success. Owain's disputed with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, over the appointment of a new Bishop of Bangor. He was also put under pressure by the Archbishop and the Pope to put aside his second wife, Cristin, who was his first cousin, this relationship making the marriage invalid under church law.

Owain is a recurring character in the Brother Cadfael series of novels by Ellis Peters.

Owain Gwynedd is my 25th great grandfather and a Baker family ancestor. John Baker b. 1654 married Hannah Polly of the very famous Winn ancestry tied back to these Welsh Kings. The legend stretches back to the last Western Roman emperor

I am a cousin of these people...........

Grover Cleveland - 22nd and 24th president of the USA

relationship is via Edward Winn b. 1604 --- my 9th great grandfather and a Baker family ancestor.
Warren Harding - 29th president of the USA

relationship is via Benjamin Carr b. 1592 --- my 9th great grandfather and a Randall family ancestor.
Herbert Hoover - 31st president of the USA

relationship is via Edward Winn b. 1604 --- my 9th great grandfather and a Baker family ancestor.

I am a legendary descendent of these people. I don't consider these proven in any definitive manner.

Joan of the Tower - Joan Makepeace - 14th century.
Daughter of Edward II of England and Isabella of France, Joan was born in the Tower of London. Joan was married at seven years old to David II of Scotland at four years old. The marriage was mandated by the Treaty of Northampton to "make peace" after the First War of Scottish Independence. Joan was often called Joan Makepeace. David became king of Scotland.

Joan is our original Makepeace ancestor. The relationships are not documented until the 1500's. The Makepeace married into our Butts/Randall ancestors.
Vortigern, "King of the Britons" - 5th century.
The "superbus tyrannus" warlord fought the Picts and the Scots per the writings of historian Bede. He begins the long lineage of the Kings of Powys [North Central Wales].

The lineage of Vortigern is highly researched. The man existed and the lineages are convoluted but arguably true. Read this research paper from the The Center for the Study of Ancient Wales to get an idea of the efforts involved. Check out some of the other pages also.

Vortigern is ancestor of Edward Winn b. 1604 --- my 9th great grandfather and a Baker family ancestor.
Magnus Maximus - Western Roman Emperor from 383 to 388
Magnus Maximus was Roman Emperor of Britannia and Gaul. Maximus invaded Italy and lost. His death marked the end of Roman presence in Northern Gaul and Britain. Magnus Maximus is the father of Vortigerns wife.
Beli Mawr "Beli the Great" - 2nd century BC
Beli Mawr is an ancestor figure in Middle Welsh literature and genealogies. Several royal lines in medieval Wales traced their ancestry to Beli.

In some medieval genealogies he is listed as the husband of Anna, cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus.

Beli Mawr is ancestor of Vortigern.

Below are my DNA results. These EXACTLY match what I would expect from my genealogy research. Lots of Germanic. Lots of British/Celtic. 10% Swedish because I'm so many generations removed. It also denies the rumored existence of Indian heritage in a couple lineages. A tiny bit of Finno-Ugric snuck in.