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Shenton Family History

The Shenton family history is pretty straightforward.  Poor Elizabeth Ann Shenton had a troubled childhood.

Neal Ekengren - 2019

John Shenton


1785 - John Shenton is born in Staffordshire, England, Great Britain.

Staffordshire, England

1808 - John marries Esther Henney.  They have 7 children including our Henry William Shenton ancestor.

1840 - Age 55 - John dies.  All the records for John show him remaining in the Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire area his whole life.

Henry William Shenton


1825 - Henry William Shenton is born in Staffordshire, England, Great Britain.

1845 - Henry marries Elizabeth Peacock in Fulford, Staffordshire.  

Their first child Elizabeth Ann Shenton is born in 1846 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and is our ancestor.

1848 - Henry migrates to Sauk County, Wisconsin, USA without the family.  The next year his wife and child follow him to Wisconsin.  

Presumably Henry is getting the pioneer homestead ready for his family.

Sauk County, Wisconsin

Sauk County is founded in 1844.

1851 - Henry and Elizabeth have a second child Clara in Wisconsin.

1853 - Henry’s wife dies in Sauk Prairie, Sauk County, Wisconsin.

1853 - Henry marries Mary Ann Dunn in Sauk Prairie.  Mary Ann is from Ireland.  This is her second husband.  She has 4 children from her first marriage.

1855 - Henry moves with the extended family to Minnesota.  The new couple have 3 more children.

1858 - Henry receive a plot of land in Olmsted County, Minnesota from the US government.   This is only 100 miles from his Wisconsin home.

1855 - Olmsted County, Minnesota

Olmsted County is formed in Minnesota Territory.  

Minnesota becomes the 32nd state in 1858

August 1862 - Henry enlists in the US Army Company B 2nd MN Infantry.

March 1863 - Henry dies.  He is buried in the Nashville National Cemetery.  He may have died of battle injuries or sickness.

Nashville National Cemetery

The cemetery primarily contains soldiers involved in the battles of Gallatin and Bowling Green when Union Soldiers defeated the Confederates in the Winter of 1862.

Mary Ann marries a third time to George Aessheir.

Elizabeth Ann Shenton


1846 - Elizabeth Ann Shenton is born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, Great Britain.

1848 - Elizabeth migrates to Sauk County, Wisconsin, USA to join her father who is waiting with a new homestead.

1855 - Elizabeth moves with the family and her new step-mother to Olmsted County, Minnesota.

1857 - Elizabeth, 10 years old, is not living with Dad and her mother-in-law.  Instead, she is living with the Alvord family in Olmsted County.  She has been adopted as confirmed by oral history and marriage records.

I suspect step-mother Mary Ann Dunn didn’t care for Henry’s original children.  She was a strange mother as I discovered from the scandalous newspaper clippings right…………………..

1873 -

Mary Ann Dunn encourages her son Frank Shenton to shoot her third husband George Asher under suspicious circumstances.  

Rochester Post:

Mr. Asher, who was shot by Frank Shenton, a few weeks ago, at the instigation of his mother.  The friends of Mrs. Asher forgetting that wine is a mocker, yielded to the sparkling and alluring temptations, became ingloriously drunk.  From the loose manner of doing business, [they left incriminating evidence].  All of which shows that getting drunk is one thing and tending to business is another thing.

1863 - Elizabeth marries Levi Elias Stallcop at a very young 16 years old.

The Stallcop Family History begins after this