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Lamb Family History

I was able to research back to William Lamb b. 1808.  Anything before that is a cloud.  There are just tooooo many Lamb and Wilson [his wife] and this confuses any research. Anybody born early 1800’s in USA frontier areas have very few records.  Also, William moved around lots.  If I can ever hook into the much better colonial records the family connections will probably be back to England.

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Neal Ekengren - 2018

Ancestors in North Carolina

William Hamilton Lamb


1808 -  William Hamilton Lamb is born in Randolph County, North Carolina.    He learns the trade of Wagonmaker while here.

1810 -  Eleven Lamb families are located in Randolph County.  

1820 -  No Lamb families are located in Randolph County.  

Is our William Lamb a member of the Quaker communities of rural North Carolina?  What happened to all those Lamb families after 1810?  We know scores migrated to Indiana and Ohio 1810-1850.  In my opinion this almost certainly smells like a Quaker migration he was part of.

Randolph County, North Carolina

Quakers in Carolina

The Society of Friends (Quakers) started pioneering the
Carolina colony wilderness in late 1600’s.  There was a political struggle for power between Quakers and Anglicans that led to
Cary’s Rebellion in 1708.  For 3 years government did not function and destruction of private property was rampant.  The Anglicans won control but the Quakers continued to expand in the 1700’s.  A
sizeable group arrived in the 1750’s in Randolph County that included many
Lamb families.  A final immigration in the early 1800’s was encouraged by Henry, Jacob, and Joseph Lamb.  Monthly Quaker meeting minutes include Lamb families through the 1800’s.

Ancestors in Ohio

1823 -  William moves to Butler County, Ohio.  

Butler County, Ohio

1803-1823 - Butler County, Ohio

The township organization of Butler County, Ohio is finalized.

1828 - 1856 -  William marries Nancy Jane Wilson.  They have 7 children including our John Wilson Lamb ancestor.  The family is constantly moving within Butler County.  He works as a wagonmaker here for 16 years.  He later becomes a farmer.

1830 -  Hanover Township

1840 -  Liberty Township

1850 -  Fairfield Township

Ancestors in Kansas

1855 - 1856 -  William and son Alexander explore Kansas Territory. They stay briefly in Big Springs, Douglas County where things don’t go well.  

Alexander embarked in the dry goods business.  The border warfare continued to increase in fury. He experienced many annoyances and finally lost his outfit and in fact all his possessions.  Alexander happened to be in the town of Osawatomie that fateful night and participated in the battle of Osawatomie.

Big Springs, Kansas

1853 - 1861 - Bleeding Kansas 

Bleeding Kansas was the the prelude to the American Civil War.  It was a series of violent civil confrontations in Kansas over the legality of slavery in the proposed state of Kansas. The conflict was characterized by years of murders carried out by anti-slavery "Free-Staters" and pro-slavery "Border Ruffians".

1856 - Battle of Osawatomie 

300 Border Ruffians led by John W. Reid attacked the town of Osawatomie. Reid was intent on destroying the free state settlement and then moving on to Topeka and Lawrence to do more of the same. John Brown tried to defend the town with 40 men but had to withdraw; the town of Osawatomie was then looted and burned.

1856 -  William returns to Ohio to the family and votes in the local election.

1857 - William and sons move to Dickinson County, Kansas Territory.  They establish Lamb’s Point which is near Detroit, Kansas.

The Lambs “staked their claim of about 60 acres of land along the Smoky river, that became known as Lamb's Point, then New Port, this is now known as Old Detroit, about 1/2 mile east of present day Detroit, Dickinson Co., Kansas.  They erected an 18' x 22' Log cabin, and in 1858, Mrs. Wm. H. ( Jane) Lamb and the younger children joined them, to make their home at the new cabin, while Wm. H and son's built a large stone house, containing six rooms, nearly a mansion, in those days. They engaged in farming for a number of years.

Lamb’s Point, Kansas

1857 - Dickinson County, Kansas Territory 

The county is founded this year.

Lamb’s Point, Detroit, Kansas

A marker at the site of Lamb's Point, one-half mile east of Detroit, Dickinson county, was dedicated June 14, 1946.  Lamb's Point, named for William Lamb, was the seat of the county government for a time in the late 1850's, and was a stopping place on early stage lines. The memorial was erected by the Dickinson County Historical Society and members of the Lamb family.  Lamb’s Point was the first county seat of Dickinson county, Kansas.  It also marks the county’s first post office, which was located in William Lamb’s home. The marker is a replica of a pyramid and near of an old well from which many famous persons drank in pioneer days as they passed through Lamb's Point.  The original William Lamb home, which was the first, other than sod houses, in that area. Torn down in 1944, the original William Lamb home was located just about a block from the present marker, which is on the highway. The ceremony was attended by some 200 persons. Some 20 members of the Lamb family came from all parts of the country to attend the ceremony, and represented the third, fourth and fifth generations.  Among the persons who drank from the well, now to be seen in replica , were Horace Greeley, General Custer, Kit Carson, "Buffalo Bill” Cody, "Wild Bill" Hickok as well as numerous bands of roving Indian tribes, and hundreds of persons traveling the old stagecoach route.

1858 -  Nancy and the small children join Dad and the boys in the new house.  William is appointed county commissioner.

Their first [county commissioner] meeting was held in Wm. H. lamb's large stone house, he had built in 1858. Son, John Wilson Lamb was appointed Treasurer.  Across the road from the stone house, to the East, several small building were put up, housing a Grocery and general merchandise store, built and ran by William H. Lamb, Jr and his brother Charles Lamb. A Drug store and a Real Estate business.  The Lamb residence is the first county post office.

1860 -  Son Green Lamb is county surveyor.


Dickinson County had a population of 378.  All the live stock in the county was included in 23 head of horses, 3 mules, 7 sheep, and 105 head of cattle.

1861 - Kansas Statehood 

Kansas is admitted as the 34th state.

1865 -  Radical Republican Party of Dickinson County met at Lamb’s Point.  William Lamb is chair of the convention.  Green Lamb is secretary.  William H. Lamb is recorder.

1867 - Dickinson County Growth 

The county was finally divided into townships.  In 1869 a huge Lamb Township was created that completely spoiled the symmetrical proportions of all the other townships. Two months later, Lamb Township was subdivided and the name was lost forever.  

The Kansas Pacific Railway arrives and passes through the county to Abilene, Kansas.  For 5 years the famous Chisholm Trail ends here and turns the area into a legendary frontier.  Stores, saloons, and gambling houses sprang up to compete for the patronage of the cowboys.  With the prosperity of the cattlemen came an era of lawlessness.

1866 -  William opens a store at Lamb’s Point.

1870 -  William is an election judge for the vote on placing the Dickinson County seat in Abilene

or Detroit. The final vote is 320 for Detroit and 313 for Abilene. 

However, William and others are arrested for making fraudulent returns.  179 votes were counted but evidence can only be found for 51 votes.  Not sure if he was found guilty.  However, this does not appear to have tarnished his good reputation in the future.

Abilene eventually becomes the county seat.

1878 -  Son Green Lamb constructs the first brick building in Enterprise, Kansas.  This is just 2 miles downstream from the Lamb homestead on the Smoky River.  Green ran a painting and wallpapering business on the second floor.  The first floor was Star Grocery and was run by Charles Lamb until 1890.  Will Roister [son-in-law to Green] ran the grocery until 1910.

1884 Chapman Star Newspaper

The Lamb brothers are constantly making additions to their already large stock of clothing, drygoods, hardware, groceries, and are also selling goods at prices that defy competition.  Give the boys a call.

1878 - Hoffman-Lamb Buildings 

Two historic buildings in Enterprise, Kansas have been listed on the Register of Historic Kansas Places and also nominated for the National Register of Historic Places. 102-104 South Factory Street.


Junction City Tribune 1879

1891 -  William dies at the home of his daughter Jane Lamb Taylor and is buried in Detroit Cemetery.

Detroit Cemetery

This cemetery contains 20 Lamb ancestors.  Many died in other USA locations but were returned here for interment to be with the family.

John Wilson Lamb


1834 -  John Wilson Lamb is born in Butler County, Ohio.  The family moves to Dickinson County, Kansas Territory when he is 24 years old.

1863 - 1883 -  John marries Martha A Carr and they have 11 children including our Ruth L. Lamb ancestor.

1885 -  John is delinquent on taxes Center Township lots 4 and 5.

1901 -  John’s brother Green is president of the Dickinson County Historical Society.

1903 -  The Smoky Hill River floods and covers the house 6 feet deep.  John loses cattle, horses, chickens, and much more.

1904 -  John attends the Old Settlers Reunion in Enterprise and is one of 10 recognized as the first county settlers.

1902 -  Facebook on Paper

The triviality of items posted in old rural newspapers is mind blowing.  One example below…………….

1920 -  John dies at his home and is buried in Detroit Cemetery with all the others.  Martha dies in 1925 and is also buried here.

Ruth L. Lamb


1881 -  Ruth L. Lamb is born in Enterprise, Dickinson County, Kansas.

1904 - 1920 -  Ruth marries Harry G. Randall and they have 1 child and 2 adoptees  including our Geneva Laverne Randall who is adopted at 1 year old in Wichita, Kansas.  

The Randall Family History continues after this.