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Database Dump - about 26,000 cousins from my RootsMagic database.  
Bibby Family History (New Jersey 1800-present)  
Carr Family History (England 1592-present)  
Baker Family History (England/Wales 1325-present)  
Bibby Family History (New Jersey 1800-present)  
Brady Family History (West Virginia 1750-present)  
Burns Family History (Kentucky 1820-present)  
Butts and Hoppin Family History (England 1500's-present)  
Ekengren Family History (Sweden 1698-present)  
Knack and Steimel Family History (Baden/Hesse 1700's-present)  
Pollei Family History (Prussia 1848-present)  
Randall Family History (Britain 1571-present)  
Shenton Family History (Britain 1785-present)  
Stallcop Family History (Sweden 1629-present)  
Wiltsie Family History (Denmark 1623-present)  
From Karlskoga to America (Swedish)  
Göteborg to America (Swedish)  

I am the first person in my family history to have ancestors from these North American founding colonies. I think this is pretty dang awesome.

  • New England - My Baker were part of the Great Puritan Migration to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637.
  • New Netherlands - My Wiltse was a pioneer with the Dutch East India Company that founded New Netherlands in 1624.
  • New Sweden - My Stallcop founded Fort Christina for the Swedish South Company in 1626.
  • New Portugal - My Wiltse had a wife who was a pioneer in Dutch Brazil early 1600's. The Portuguese conquered this area causing emigration.
  • New France - My Wiltse made an expedition here shortly after the Company of One Hundred Associates [French trading company] was first established in 1627. My Steimel are from Canada but way after it was founded.
  • New Spain - No ancestors found here yet. Florida never had much settlement or migration. Perhaps ancestors from Carribean islands is possible.
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